Join the village and make real connections.

REAL Connections is a community of people who offer friendship, support, and are committed to helping each other when there is a need. It's about sharing time and talent with each other and lending or receiving a helping hand—that might mean getting or giving a ride, finding a trusted handyman, or having someone to call.

Whatever it is, members in our village build new friendships and find peace of mind, knowing they have a community to which they can turn.

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Please view our REAL Connections video to hear members speak about the impact REAL Connections has made on their lives.

"People can make a real difference in your life-- especially the people you meet in the REAL Connections Village. Great activities, interesting excxursions, and good friends are all available with just one membership. Try it. You will not regret it!"

John Ammon

Now Serving the Inland, Pomona, and East San Gabriel Valleys of Southern California